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 The minimum order is 100 UAH. 

Cutting board with drawing 136
SKU: ДОШ0136
48 грн
Easter egg 83
SKU: ПХ0083
6.5 грн
Bottle holder 18
SKU: ЕП0018
195 грн
Wooden Pen 34
SKU: РУЧ0034
6.4 грн
Svirel 3 (colour 25cm)
SKU: СОП0003
8 грн
Braided hat 25
SKU: КВ0025
96 грн
Walking stick 16 "Bull"
SKU: КУЛ0016
240 грн
Toy 29
SKU: ІН0029
32 грн
Wooden money box "Hut" 19
SKU: КОП0019
32 грн
Vine basket (Breadbasket) 8
SKU: ЛО0008
28 грн
Keychain "Note Key" 72
SKU: БР0072
4 грн
Automobile Massager 47
SKU: МАС0047
144 грн
Charm 56
SKU: ОБ0056
40 грн
Spoon 37
SKU: ЛОЖ0037
22.4 грн
Juniper coaster 34
SKU: МК0034
28.8 грн
Frame 13
SKU: РАМ0013
22.5 грн
Christmas decoration 58
SKU: НП0058
5.5 грн
Tinsel 48
SKU: МІШ0048
19 грн
Insole size 39
SKU: ІН0047
19 грн
Magnet bag 154
SKU: МАГ0154
13 грн

Ukrainian souvenirs and gifts

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Welcome to the online store "Ukrainian souvenirs." Our shop assortment includes various souvenirs, made ​​by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. Any work of art that can be found on the shelves of our store "Ukrainian Souvenirs" is a great gift for any occasion. We are selling natural products and souvenirs made ​​of wood in all the diversity of the Carpathian culture and embroidery.

Would you like to pick up an original and interesting gift? We can help you with that! After all, what could be more original than Ukrainian souvenirs made ​​and hand-painted folk artists!