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наприклад, Brownie 72

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Basket 1
SKU: КОШ0001
148.88 грн
Charm 49
SKU: ОБ0049
45 грн
Tinsel 102
SKU: МІШ0102
3.6 грн
Automobile Massager 22
SKU: МАС0022
46 грн
Small animals sit
SKU: ТВ0007
23 грн
Necklace (set) 15
SKU: БУС0015
12.8 грн
Hairpin 15
SKU: ЗЛ0015
19.2 грн
Magnet 138
SKU: МАГ0138
6.75 грн
Brownie 2
SKU: ДОМ0002
17.6 грн
Cap for sauna 20
SKU: БА0020
44 грн
Lamb with colors "I love you"
SKU: 000163
21.55 грн
Cap for sauna 21
SKU: БА0021
44 грн
Cap for sauna 25
SKU: БА0025
44 грн
Hatchet 6
SKU: ТОП0006
19.2 грн
Necklace 22
SKU: БУС0022
24 грн
The Cossack with a sheep 510
SKU: КО0510
34 грн
Charm 60
SKU: ОБ0060
4.9 грн
Juniper coaster 59
SKU: МК0059
20.8 грн
Cradle 6
SKU: ЛЮ0006
16.5 грн
Toy 126
SKU: ІН0126
24 грн

Ukrainian souvenirs and gifts

Dear visitors!

Welcome to the online store "Ukrainian souvenirs." Our shop assortment includes various souvenirs, made ​​by the best Ukrainian craftsmen. Any work of art that can be found on the shelves of our store "Ukrainian Souvenirs" is a great gift for any occasion. We are selling natural products and souvenirs made ​​of wood in all the diversity of the Carpathian culture and embroidery.

Would you like to pick up an original and interesting gift? We can help you with that! After all, what could be more original than Ukrainian souvenirs made ​​and hand-painted folk artists!