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            Cossacks (давньорус. козакъ, floor. Kozak, Russian. The Cossack) - the free armed people, representatives of the martial law, soldiers - mercenaries. So historically it developed that Ukraine was famous and famous for the Cossacks, courageous, devoted and ready to give life for Ukraine, they were at war for freedom of Ukraine, its independence. Cossacks it is often mentioned in works, about them many proverbs and the translations are put. It is often possible to hear words or to read in works "... from a nice Cossack sort". So, Cossacks are pride for Ukraine and the word the Cossack at the majority of people associates with Ukraine.

           In ours the Internet shop of the Ukrainian souvenirs ceramic figures of Cossacks are presented. It is an excellent gift for foreign friends from Ukraine or for friends, relatives or acquaintances from Ukraine, after all we presented modern, interesting, rather ridiculous and original ceramic figures  from clay.