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Housey - the guardian of our house

          Our Goblin is not just walls, floors, ceilings and sofa with a table. This is our small fort in which we are protected. From what? And from the penetration of the robbers, from the negative energy, the envy that can imperceptibly penetrate. We do not always know what intentions people come to our house.

   From time immemorial this protection from negativity and evil took on the amulets. When the house is well protected from evil intentions, it is cozy, well sleep, easy to recover the forces spent per day. The correct guard is able to protect even from unwanted guests: they will feel uncomfortable, and very soon leave your home.

   The Goblin is a vault, which is considered to be the perfect master of the house. This mythical creature represents an eternal whore, sometimes violent, but kind and caring. From time immemorial, people tried to maintain good relations with this creation, appealed to him with a gentle word, left a little food on a saucer and made small gifts.

    It is believed that a good attitude Goblin will appreciate and help to keep the house peace and peace, save from misfortunes.

   Nowadays, quite often, goblins are presented as a souvenir. However, make them pleasant and independent. Created in a company with a child guard can become the main character of the same name cartoon and all favorite products. The assortment of goblins can be viewed on our site!