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наприклад, Christmas decoration 150 pack*12m

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Charms and brownies

You go for housewarming or it is simple to someone on a visit and you don't know what to present? The charm becomes a fine souvenir gift in that case. I preserved to preserve the house against all troubles, will bring love, the world and good luck to the house. Charms become as well fine addition to an interior of any house. as well as brownie. which will surely find to itself a cozy corner in your house. The brownie becomes a fine souvenir gift in that case. Everyone in the house will have a corner for such souvenir, the corner where will lodge the nice brownie. The brownie will be also remarkable a gift for the child, after all it will preserve both the house, and interesting by sight therefore such gift will precisely raise a smile upon the face of the child. Who such brownie. brownie? The brownie preserves a home, is his patron and soul. Exactly the brownie shows care of that in the house always there was a prosperity, welfare. that nobody quarreled and wasn't ill, and bad people and evil spirit couldn't do much harm to owners