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Kitchen accessories

Board (tabletop for dough) 168
SKU: ДОШ0168
269 грн
Board (tabletop for dough) 96
SKU: ДОШ0096
225 грн
Board (tabletop for dough) 97
SKU: ДОШ0097
185 грн
Board for pizza 3
SKU: ДОШ0003
48 грн
Board for pizza 37
SKU: ДОШ0037
41 грн
Board for pizza 38
SKU: ДОШ0038
35.2 грн
Board for pizza 5
SKU: ДОШ0005
45 грн
Board kitchen 11
SKU: ДОШ0011
24 грн
Board kitchen 12
SKU: ДОШ0012
38 грн
Board kitchen 13
SKU: ДОШ0013
22.4 грн
Board kitchen 14
SKU: ДОШ0014
14 грн
Board kitchen 16
SKU: ДОШ0016
33 грн
Board kitchen 17
SKU: ДОШ0017
20.8 грн
Board kitchen 21
SKU: ДОШ0021
16 грн
Board kitchen 33
SKU: ДОШ0033
28.8 грн
Board kitchen 51
SKU: ДОШ0051
32 грн
Board kitchen 52
SKU: ДОШ0052
20 грн
Board kitchen 8
SKU: ДОШ0008
32 грн
Bread box
SKU: ХЛ0002
160 грн
Bread box 10
SKU: ХЛ0010
330 грн
Bread box 11
SKU: ХЛ0011
270 грн
Bread box 12
SKU: ХЛ0012
165 грн
Bread box 13
SKU: ХЛ0013
180 грн
Bread box 2 в 1
SKU: ХЛ0004
249 грн
Bread box 3
SKU: ХЛ0003
330 грн
Bread box 3 in 1
SKU: ХЛ0001
300 грн
Bread box 5
SKU: ХЛ0005
270 грн
Bread box 6
SKU: ХЛ0006
169 грн
Bread box 7
SKU: ХЛ0007
315 грн
Bread box 8
SKU: ХЛ0008
230 грн
Bread box 9
SKU: ХЛ0009
175 грн
Cutting board 20
SKU: ДОШ0020
19 грн
Cutting board 26
SKU: ДОШ0026
25 грн
Fork 10
SKU: ВИЛ0010
4.5 грн
Fork 11
SKU: ВИЛ0011
4.2 грн
Fork 12
SKU: ВИЛ0012
2.4 грн
Fork 14
SKU: ВИЛ0014
4 грн
Fork 15
SKU: ВИЛ0015
16 грн
Fork 16
SKU: ВИЛ0016
4.8 грн
Fork 17
SKU: ВИЛ0017
3.2 грн
Fork 6
SKU: ВИЛ0006
4 грн
Fork 7
SKU: ВИЛ0007
4 грн

In the house it is necessary for each hostess that the kitchen was the beautiful, equipped all necessary equipment and kitchen accessories. By the way, today the increasing popularity is gained by products from natural raw which don't damage our health, and on the contrary - are useful, it concerns also various kitchen trifles, like a board for cutting, a bread box, the shredder, a grater, a spoon, a fork, a shovel kitchen and another kitchen принаддя. The wooden board for cutting is a necessary element in kitchen at each hostess as today all become more popular than a product from natural raw materials therefore the wooden board for cutting is irreplaceable in kitchen, unlike plastic or the stiklyanikh. For meat, fishes, vegetables and so on have to be separate boards as told in show "Infernal Kitchen" Aram Mnatsakanov therefore them never can be too much in your kitchen. You want to be good in housekeeping? Then it is necessary to prepare according to the established rules and many wooden boards for cutting and other kitchen trifles for this purpose it become useful to you. You don't know that what to the mother-in-law, mother, the girlfriend, the senior woman or the young hostess? Kitchen accessories become a pertinent gift, they superfluous never will be and your gift will estimate due, it will be a useful and necessary gift. You don't know what to present? - You come into our Internet - Ukrainian Souvenirs shop and here you will precisely find a beautiful and useful gift for any event.