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наприклад, Stand of juniper on plywood 106

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Fir-trees, pines

Fir tree "Fairy tale" 1.8m
SKU: ял0022
608 грн
Fir tree "Fairy tale" 2.0m
SKU: ял0014
688 грн
Artificial pine with fluffy tips 1.5
SKU: ЯЛ0023
688 грн
Christmas tree 1.5m
SKU: ял0007
262 грн
Christmas tree 1.8m
SKU: ял0024
405 грн
Christmas tree 2.0m
SKU: ял0026
525 грн
Christmas tree 2.2m
SKU: ял0017
608 грн
Christmas tree "Fairy tale" 1.8m
SKU: ял0027
608 грн
Christmas tree "Fairy tale" 2.0m
SKU: ял0020
688 грн
Christmas tree "Fairy tale" 2.2m
SKU: ял0011
808 грн
Christmas tree 0,5 m
SKU: ЯЛ0002
49 грн
Christmas tree 1,5m
SKU: ЯЛ0005
262 грн
Christmas tree 1,8m
SKU: ял0015
405 грн
Christmas tree 1,8m
SKU: ЯЛ0006
650 грн
Christmas tree 2,0m
SKU: ял0021
525 грн
Christmas tree 2,2m
SKU: ял0016
608 грн
Fir-tree cast 2.1m
SKU: ял0018
3200 грн
Fir-tree cast 2.1m
SKU: ял0019
3500 грн
Pine artificial light green 1.8m
SKU: ял0025
889 грн
Pine artificial light green 2.0m
SKU: ял0012
1199 грн
Tinsel Needles 10
SKU: ЯЛ0010
259 грн
Tinsel Needles 9
SKU: ЯЛ0009
345 грн

The evergreen beauty is decoration of each house for New year. What holiday can be without fir-tree? - certainly that any, after all for New year in each house there has to be a fir-tree, a pine because the Sami this holiday also associates with it. Usually beautifully when in the house there is a live fir-tree, but it not practically, after all first, it is necessary to think of the nature, secondly, when it dries and fall down needles, we from half a year collect them from a rug. And what to do? there is a wish for a holiday, but the exit is because today there are artificial fir-trees, the pine, what convenient in use, suffices them not for one year and they have a good appearance: is both magnificent pines, and the cast fir-trees which are absolutely similar on live, are usual, that is a choice wide and somehow tell on different tastes. At us you will be able to choose and to yourself a fir-tree or a pine довподоби is exclusive from the Ukrainian producers.