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Products from corn leaves

Basket made of corn leaves 3
SKU: КВ0003
21 грн
Basket made of corn leaves 46
SKU: КВ0046
22 грн
Basket made of corn leaves 47
SKU: КВ0047
22 грн
Basket made of corn leaves 7
SKU: КВ0007
19.2 грн
Bells 13
SKU: КВ0013
20 грн
Bells 14
SKU: КВ0014
16 грн
Bells 15
SKU: КВ0015
24 грн
Bells 30
SKU: КВ0030
17 грн
Braided bag 27
SKU: КВ0027
49 грн
Braided bag 28
SKU: КВ0028
112 грн
Braided bag 4
SKU: КВ0004
42 грн
Braided hat 24
SKU: КВ0024
124 грн
Braided hat 25
SKU: КВ0025
124 грн
Braided hat 26
SKU: КВ0026
49 грн
Decorative hat 20
SKU: КВ0020
17 грн
Decorative hat 36
SKU: КВ0036
33 грн
Decorative hat 45
SKU: КВ0045
16 грн
Flowerpot on the wall
SKU: КВ0017
24 грн
Handbag for jar with water 1
SKU: КВ0001
56 грн
Hat 29
SKU: КВ0029
0 грн
Postoly (Lapti) 10
SKU: КВ0010
19.6 грн
Postoly (Lapti) 11
SKU: КВ0011
33.75 грн
Postoly (Lapti) 12
SKU: КВ0012
35.2 грн
Postoly (Lapti) 2
SKU: КВ0002
80 грн
Postoly (Lapti) 8
SKU: КВ0008
15 грн
Postoly (Lapti) 9
SKU: КВ0009
18 грн
Wicker bag 16
SKU: КВ0016
35 грн
Wicker bag 18
SKU: КВ0018
34 грн
Wicker bag 31
SKU: КВ0031
40 грн
Wicker bag 32
SKU: КВ0032
32 грн
Wicker bag 33
SKU: КВ0033
176 грн
Wicker bag 34
SKU: КВ0034
119 грн
Wicker bag 35
SKU: КВ0035
65 грн
Wicker bag 37
SKU: КВ0037
65 грн
Wicker bag 43
SKU: КВ0043
56 грн
Wicker bag 44
SKU: КВ0044
48 грн
Wicker bag 5
SKU: КВ0005
34 грн
Wicker bag 6
SKU: КВ0006
136 грн
Wicker Breadbasket 40
SKU: КВ0040
32 грн
Wicker Breadbasket 41
SKU: КВ0041
32 грн
Wicker Breadbasket 42
SKU: КВ0042
32 грн
Wicker Cup 39
SKU: КВ0039
26 грн

Nice Ukrainian masters long since mastered technology of processing and production of various products from corn leaves. At first corn leaves soak that didn't break, then divide into strips and braid - a leaf to a leaf. Products from corn leaves are environmentally friendly, beautiful and rather original, each product can differ a little in some elements from each other, after all all handiwork. Today very much poulyarnima are a handiwork and especially if they are made from ecologically chisno of raw materials. From kukuruzyany of leaves make bags, hot pads, hats, horseshoes, bast shoes, decorative garlic and many other things. Products from corn leaves is not only beautiful, but also useful in use. For the summer there will be a fine accessory a handbag from corn leaves or a hat. Also you will be able to buy the handbag under bank weaved from corn leaves and батаго other useful things in life from us. Products from corn leaves will become also a good gift for foreigners, fellow workers, your friends.