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наприклад, Frame 63 21*15*3,5см

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Goods for creativity and decoupage

SKU: МШК0001
20 грн
Bead 0,6cm (100 pieces)
SKU: БУС0037
6 грн
Bead 0,8cm (100 pieces)
SKU: БУС0042
8 грн
Casket 32
SKU: ШКА0032
107 грн
Casket 33
SKU: ШКА0033
62 грн
Casket 34
SKU: ШКА0034
74 грн
Casket 35
SKU: ШКА0035
45 грн
Casket for a decoupage 10
SKU: ШКА0010
43 грн
Casket for a decoupage 14
SKU: ШКА0014
43 грн
Casket for a decoupage 15
SKU: ШКА0015
64 грн
Casket for a decoupage 9
SKU: ШКА0009
32 грн
Casket for a decoupage hinges 16
SKU: ШКА0016
30.5 грн
Casket for a decoupage hinges 18
SKU: ШКА0018
42 грн
Casket for a decoupage hinges 19
SKU: ШКА0019
61 грн
Casket for a decoupage without hinges 17
SKU: ШКА0017
43 грн
Charm 58
SKU: ОБ0058
1.2 грн
Charm 59
SKU: ОБ0059
3.9 грн
Charm 60
SKU: ОБ0060
4.9 грн
Charm 61
SKU: ОБ0061
2.6 грн
Charm 62
SKU: ОБ0062
2.9 грн
Charm 63
SKU: ОБ0063
3.9 грн
Easter egg 65
SKU: ПХ0065
2.3 грн
Egg for decoupage 12
SKU: ПХ0012
4.5 грн
Egg for decoupage 14
SKU: ПХ0014
3.9 грн
Egg for decoupage 31
SKU: ПХ0031
19.2 грн
Egg for decoupage 32
SKU: ПХ0032
6.4 грн
Egg for decoupage 34
SKU: ПХ0034
10 грн
Egg for decoupage 35
SKU: ПХ0035
9.6 грн
Egg for decoupage 36
SKU: ПХ0036
12.8 грн
Hairpin 10
SKU: ЗЛ0010
16 грн
Hairpin 11
SKU: ЗЛ0011
16 грн
Hairpin 12
SKU: ЗЛ0012
12.8 грн
Hairpin 13
SKU: ЗЛ0013
12.8 грн
Hairpin 7
SKU: ЗЛ0007
16 грн
Hairpin 8
SKU: ЗЛ0008
16 грн
Hairpin 9
SKU: ЗЛ0009
16 грн
Keychain 62
SKU: БР0062
4 грн
Keychain 69
SKU: БР0069
4.8 грн
Mace 27
SKU: БУЛ0027
10.75 грн
Mace 28
SKU: БУЛ0028
16.5 грн
Money box for a decoupage "Hut" 25
SKU: КОП0025
24 грн
Money box for a decoupage "Hut" 26
SKU: КОП0026
32 грн

We often hear in a life, among people Svol "decoupage". It becomes interesting to those who is still unfamiliar with decoupage equipment at once, and what this such? The decoupage (Decoupage or découpage) is an art of decoration of subjects by gluing of cuttings of color paper in a combination to special effects such as coloring, cutting, a covering mosaic gold and others. Usually any subject, for example small boxes or furniture, becomes covered by cuttings from magazines and/or specially made papers. The subject for a decoupage becomes covered by a varnish (frequent several layers) until "joint" will disappear and the result won't look as a list or incrustation. Today technicians of a decoupage complicate the master and сворюють the real masterpieces. Having seen enough on the Internet of work of masters of a decoupage, the majority of us there is a wish also to try to make something similar. And where to take preparation for a decoupage? in ours the Internet - shop preparations for a decoupage and for dolls are presented, after all that can be more pleasant to make a doll the hands for the child, though adults love handwork dolls which will decorate also your house, and will add the Interior therefore things in equipment the decoupage or a doll of handwork become also fine addition of an interior in your house, and a fine gift both for the child, and for the adult. You can buy from us goods for a decoupage, a support for dolls at the low prices, wholesale and retail directly from the producer. Presented to ours the Internet handiwork shop.