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"I bring a magnet to love" 26
SKU: МАГ0026
8.75 грн
Brownie horseshoe magnet 19
SKU: МАГ0019
11.2 грн
Brownie horseshoe magnet 20
SKU: МАГ0020
16 грн
Brownie magnet 13
SKU: МАГ0013
16 грн
Brownie magnet 100
SKU: МАГ0100
14 грн
Brownie magnet 101
SKU: МАГ0101
16 грн
Brownie magnet 103
SKU: МАГ0103
14 грн
Brownie magnet 3
SKU: МАГ0003
17 грн
Brownie magnet 31
SKU: МАГ0031
15.75 грн
Brownie magnet 32
SKU: МАГ0032
16 грн
Brownie magnet 34
SKU: МАГ0034
15.75 грн
Brownie magnet 6
SKU: МАГ0006
14.4 грн
Brownie magnet 7
SKU: МАГ0007
15.5 грн
Brownie magnet 8
SKU: МАГ0008
14.4 грн
Brownie magnet 84
SKU: МАГ0084
17 грн
Brownie magnet 85
SKU: МАГ0085
16 грн
Brownie magnet 86
SKU: МАГ0086
17 грн
Brownie magnet 89
SKU: МАГ0089
17 грн
Brownie magnet heart 10
SKU: МАГ0010
10.5 грн
Brownie magnet on the raft 5
SKU: МАГ0005
17 грн
Brownie magnet with Legs 4
SKU: МАГ0004
15.5 грн
Brownie Square Magnet 11
SKU: МАГ0011
8.75 грн
Ceramic Magnet "Owl"
SKU: МАГ0012
30 грн
Magnet "Steam" 109
SKU: МАГ0109
8 грн
Magnet "Steam" 115
SKU: МАГ0115
16 грн
Magnet 111
SKU: МАГ0111
8 грн
Magnet 119
SKU: МАГ0119
19.2 грн
Magnet 121
SKU: МАГ0121
14.4 грн
Magnet "Angel of joyful news" 23
SKU: МАГ0023
8 грн
Magnet "Cossack with vareniks" 110
SKU: МАГ0110
8 грн
Magnet "Cossack with vareniks" 116
SKU: МАГ0116
16 грн
Magnet "For luck" 113
SKU: МАГ0113
11 грн
Magnet "Good luck, live richly" 24
SKU: МАГ0024
11 грн
Magnet "I bring money" 27
SKU: МАГ0027
8.75 грн
Magnet "On a consent and love" 21
SKU: МАГ0021
8.75 грн
Magnet 108
SKU: МАГ0108
6.75 грн
Magnet 114
SKU: МАГ0114
16 грн
Magnet 135
SKU: МАГ0135
12.8 грн
Magnet 136
SKU: МАГ0136
8 грн
Magnet 137
SKU: МАГ0137
8 грн
Magnet 138
SKU: МАГ0138
6.75 грн
Magnet 29
SKU: МАГ0029
10.5 грн

Magnets are one of the most popular souvenirs among tourists. The magnet is mention of an interesting, exciting trip, a business trip, that is about the places you have visited. Almost every home in the refrigerator magnets are several different funny inscriptions, animals, landscapes, symbols of certain regions, countries. Magnet is also a universal gift. To date magnets are very popular handmade, especially if it acquires a foreign tourist, or if the magnet are buying as a gift to foreigners abroad as highly prized handmade, albeit in Ukraine handwork is extremely valuable. You will never regret it if going to a housewarming present a domovychka magnet that will bring prosperity and harmony in the house and will be a wonderful addition Interior, settled in the refrigerator. On the shelves of our shop you will find a Ukrainian souvenir magnets handmade for every taste: wooden magnets, magnets linen, domovychky magnets, ceramic magnets, magnets sacking handmade.