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How to meet Easter!

Easter is approaching, the day in which Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which happened on the third day after his death. On the Sunday of Christ's Sunday, a festive divine service, the Easter Service of God, is dedicated to the Easter baskets with Easter, Easter eggs and other dishes.

Sacrificing the Easter baskets every year is becoming an increasingly popular tradition and very often they can see anything - drinks, toys and ornaments, and many other things. But, it turns out, the selection of products near the basket is not accidental. Each product has a symbolic meaning.

Traditions of our ancestors

In ancient times, the celebration of Easter took place generously, a lot. At the festive table, 48 dishes were necessarily present. Traditional, the main ones were dyed eggs, cheese Easter, Easter. Rich families, what veins in large houses, on Easter painted a huge number of eggs, even up to 1000 pieces, so that they were enough for everyone without exception. Also on Easter very many Easter baked. The most beautiful and large were left at home. Little Easter and krashenkami it was customary to treat neighbors and friends. Also eggs and Easter were donated in the monastery, hospital, almshouse.
Preparation for the holiday was carried out long before its onset. On a clean Thursday the house was cleaned, washed windows, threw away all unnecessary things. On this day, cut your beard, mustache, hair. On the eve of the holidays, all the members of the family actively painted eggs, baked Easter eggs and cooked Easter cheeses.

Now, like several centuries of the volume, we are actively preparing for Easter: we clean in the house, we bake Easter eggs, we paint eggs. Therefore do not forget these traditions!

Tips for celebrating Easter!

Most of the faithful begin to prepare for Easter with the fact that they adhere to rigor in the Great Post. At this time it is recommended to give up consolations, various culinary experiments and decide on all sorts of restrictions. This will allow for self-cleaning, rethinking the events that took place, fully realize the value of the spiritual world.

If you do not have the opportunity to permanently stick to fasting, in the last week you can give up meat, fish and milk food, and also think about the state of your soul. In this case, "fasting" becomes harsh and lasts for a minimum time, but at the same time it will allow you to tune in for Easter, is a bright holiday of all life and its victory over worldly death. In addition, you can find a certain comfort, which will necessarily reflect best in the state of mind.

It must be remembered that Easter is not limited to one day. This holiday lasts for a whole week. It is in these days you can treat your loved ones and good friends with Easter, eggs and other solemn dishes.

On Sunday you need to take your mind off worries and troubles, tune in for a holiday. The best solution for celebrating a holiday will be staying with your family. If you want, you can organize a big and cheerful feast, but at the same time on Sunday all members of the family should necessarily come together and congratulate each other.

The Easter egg, which we call the cranberry is an indispensable attribute of the celebration of Easter or the coming of spring. According to a long tradition, chicken eggs were painted or painted for this holiday. However, later they were replaced by decoupage, wooden, glass, plastic or even chocolate eggs. In different countries of the world there are a variety of techniques for decorating Easter eggs.

The egg is decorated with traditional symbols, written with the help of wax and dyes. Each region of Ukraine has a specific feature in the painting of Easter eggs. In Ukraine pisankarstvo preserved thanks to the masters of the older generation.

With a large number of legends, beliefs, translations, customs, traditions, rituals that have arisen as early as the national days, the krashenki and colored eggs (Easter eggs) have been modified, and with the adoption of Christianity acquired a new quality - associated with the celebration of Easter during the most Christian holiday - Easter. Hence their name is "Easter Eggs".

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