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Pink ceramics

Casket handmade 26
SKU: РК0026
12 грн
Ceramic Bell 35
SKU: РК0035
26 грн
Vase handmad 25
SKU: РК0025
14 грн
Vase handmade 10
SKU: РК0010
25 грн
Vase handmade 11
SKU: РК0011
25 грн
Vase handmade 12
SKU: РК0012
20 грн
Vase handmade 13
SKU: РК0013
14 грн
Vase handmade 14
SKU: РК0014
14 грн
Vase handmade 15
SKU: РК0015
14 грн
Vase handmade 16
SKU: РК0016
20 грн
Vase handmade 22
SKU: РК0022
33 грн
Vase handmade 23
SKU: РК0023
25 грн
Vase handmade 27
SKU: РК0027
19 грн
Vase handmade 28
SKU: РК0028
20 грн
Vase handmade 29
SKU: РК0029
17.5 грн
Vase handmade 39
SKU: РК0039
14 грн
Vase handmade 40
SKU: РК0040
20 грн
Vase handmade 41
SKU: РК0041
9 грн
Vase handmade 43
SKU: РК0043
19 грн
Vase handmade 44
SKU: РК0044
14 грн
Vase handmade 5
SKU: РК0005
40 грн
Vase handmade 61
SKU: РК0061
20 грн
Vase handmade 62
SKU: РК0062
33 грн
Vase handmade 8
SKU: РК0008
40 грн
Vase handmade 9
SKU: РК0009
25 грн

        Ceramic handicraft is a great gift, because every product is individual, because it is handmade and even small items, but they do differ and what makes this product unique. This chapter presented a pink pottery is original and handmade vases, handmade and kopilky and dvinochky handmade, and even sugar bowl and many other interesting ceramic works of art. Pink ceramics is extremely beautiful texture which can be assessed only saw these products live, holding their hands. You can buy pink pottery retail and wholesale at affordable prices. Presented in this section handmade ceramic vase, ceramic bells handmade kopilky handmade handmade sugar bowl will be a great gift not just any woman, a man or a child. They will make a wonderful souvenir for foreigners, giving a souvenir of their foreign friends, you can be sure that this gift will be appreciated properly because today highly prized handmade. Recently becoming more popular additions interior of various small items such as vases, ceramic figurines, various songs and more. For example, a collection of ceramic vases with pink various sizes will be a wonderful addition to the corresponding interior or if you are applying his daughter in pink room, the perfect complement it becomes kopilka pink handmade ceramics. Pink pottery is very beautiful, has a pale pink color.

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