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About Us

            The souvenir is a certain thing which buy or give someone for memory of this or that place. Souvenirs are bought by tourists for themselves or for other people or give to tourists and not only to tourists that there was a reminiscence of travel, you visited this or that event, or what place. At the majority of people it already tradition to give souvenirs for memory or to buy them. Quite often give Ukrainian souvenirs to foreign partners or partners in business from other areas is a good way for adjustment of contacts. Gifts and souvenirs bear in themselves double character. First, friendly relations between the parties which exchange gifts and souvenirs are established, secondly, qualitative Ukrainian souvenirs and gifts become a peculiar advertizing step that allows to hope for further cooperation and adjustment of the friendly relations.

         The Internet - shop "Ukrainian souvenirs" offers qualitative goods are made by the best Ukrainian masters. At us you will find a handiwork from a tree, ceramic figures, vases, charms and brownies, vyshivanka and many other things. The gift for the friend, the girlfriend, the chief, the fellow worker is necessary to you, the loved one and you don't know what to present? The Internet - shop of the Ukrainian souvenirs you will find a gift of the person of any sex, age and preferences in ours. Possibly you have relatives or friends abroad and you want them to congratulate on a holiday or it is simple to make for them a pleasant gift? at us you will find an excellent souvenir gift which will surely appreciate.

          We work in all regions of Ukraine: Autonomous republic Crimea, Kiev, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Kirovograd, Ternopol, Volynsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Kherson, Donetsk, Nikolaev, Hmelnitsky, Zhitomir, Odessa, Cherkassk, Zakarpatye, Poltava, Chernovitsky, Zaporozhye, Rovno, Chernigov, Ivano - Frankovskaya of area. Also we work with the USA, Europe, Russia and other countries.

             If you want to wholesale souvenirs and you don't know as it to make? where to buy? then рекомундуемо to you to pay attention to our Internet - shop of the Ukrainian souvenirs. We offer favorable conditions of cooperation for wholesale buyers, the price and quality you will please. If you need to buy an inexpensive gift, then to you too to us. For additional information apply and we will answer all your questions! Successful to you purchases! And thank you that you with us!