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Bullock with heart
SKU: ТВ0001
28 грн
Bullock with heart sits
SKU: ТВ0005
28 грн
Cow with heart
SKU: ТВ0002
28 грн
Hare with heart, gift or flowers
SKU: ТВ0013
15.5 грн
Hedgehog with heart
SKU: ТВ0006
23 грн
Horse sits with heart, gift or flowers
SKU: ТВ0017
15.5 грн
Horse with heart or flowers
SKU: ТВ0004
28 грн
Owl with heart
SKU: ТВ0011
23 грн
Sheep sits with flowers and hearts
SKU: ТВ0009
28 грн
Sheep with flowers and heart
SKU: ТВ0008
23 грн
Small animals sit
SKU: ТВ0007
23 грн

Ceramic pet is a wonderful gift for any occasion. You do not know what to present your beloved person on Valentine's Day? You will find it here. In our online store of Ukrainian souvenirs there are magnificent elephants, seals, bunnies, sheep, dogs and other animals with hearts and original inscriptions that will confirm your feelings. There are also animals with gifts and flowers which you can present to women on March 8, or to man, woman for a birthday, you can choose a present for any occasion. Presented ceramic figures are handmade. The individual orders are available, because we want the customer to be satisfied with the purchase.