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Herbal tea

Diuretic Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0053
16.95 грн
Fatigue tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0059
16.95 грн
Fragrant Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0057
16.95 грн
Parasitic Tea 64
SKU: ЧАЙ0064
16.95 грн
Tea "Bilberry" 45
SKU: ЧАЙ0045
16.95 грн
Vitamin Tea, a fabulous evening
SKU: ЧАЙ0056
16.95 грн
Wellness Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0054
16.95 грн
Anti illness tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0007
16.95 грн
Aromatic tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0058
16.95 грн
Berry tea 35
SKU: ЧАЙ0035
35 грн
Berry tea 47
SKU: ЧАЙ0047
16 грн
Berry tea 48
SKU: ЧАЙ0048
16 грн
Berry tea in the package
SKU: ЧАЙ0026
32 грн
Breath of the Forest Tea 66
SKU: ЧАЙ0066
16.95 грн
Broncho-pulmonary tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0008
16.95 грн
Cardiovascular Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0013
16.95 грн
Carpathian alpine herbal tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0062
16.95 грн
Carpathian Forest Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0052
16.95 грн
Carpathian tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0005
16.95 грн
Carpathian Tea, a wonderful day
SKU: ЧАЙ0055
16.95 грн
Deep sleep tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0002
16.95 грн
Diabetes Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0014
16.95 грн
Forest berry tea 65
SKU: ЧАЙ0065
16.95 грн
Forest Bouquet Tea 70
SKU: ЧАЙ0070
16.95 грн
Gastrointestinal Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0016
16.95 грн
Gynecologic Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0019
16.95 грн
Healthy joints Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0018
16.95 грн
Hepatic Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0024
16.95 грн
Hutsul tea 67
SKU: ЧАЙ0067
16.95 грн
Hypertensive Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0031
16.95 грн
Icelandic Moss Tea 46
SKU: ЧАЙ0046
16.95 грн
Immunity tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0003
16.95 грн
Ivan is tea 51
SKU: ЧАЙ0051
16.95 грн
Ivan is tea granular 50
SKU: ЧАЙ0050
40 грн
SKU: чай0061
24 грн
Men's health tea (Prostatitis)
SKU: ЧАЙ0012
16.95 грн
Monastic tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0028
16.95 грн
Normalizing blood pressure tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0017
16.95 грн
Pancreatic tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0015
16.95 грн
Pure blood vessels tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0020
16.95 грн
Purifying tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0004
16.95 грн
Renal Tea
SKU: ЧАЙ0023
16.95 грн

          In the past, there were no drugs because our ancestors used traditional methods of treatment, they perfectly knew the medicinal properties of plants. They did not drink those teas that we usually drink today, they howled herbal teas, natural, useful, they drank and ate what nature gave them, so life was higher and was healthier. It is no wonder that now are becoming popular organic products, herbal teas, because people think about their health. What could be better than a cup of herbal tea sweet cold winter night? he will warm and bring positive emotions and good for your body. Herbal tea - a blend of herbs, suhotsvittya, berries.

       Herbal teas are of different types: tonic tea, vitamin sai tea to improve vision, kidney tea, tea broncho-pulmonary,  tea vitamin, gynecology tea, tea for sound sleep, tea tonic etc. All herbs suhotsvittya, fruits that are part of herbal tea with their useful properties, they are collected in ecologically clean area, high in the mountains, fields, forests.

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